We supply,install and service the following equipment :

- Alarm systems and perimeter beams

- Electric fence

- Gate and garage door motors

- Intercom and CCTV systems

- Access control, boom gates, barriers and electric locks

- Self defence, security officer equipment (pepper sprays, tasers, battons, hand cuff, entry/exit books, O B books ect)

We will source any other related equipment that you may need.


-Security trained dogs and handlers

-24-hour Guarding

-Residential/ retail / commercial / industrial

-Construction site guarding / monitoring 

- Estates / complexes

- On site guarding - day and night shift services

- On site guarding -weekend shifts

- Adhoc guarding - where a client specifically needs the services of a security officer to protect a wall or electric fence for a limited period of time

- Events guarding - these officers are all fire arm trained, registered and have competency certificates.

- Undercover guarding - a specialised service which requires a more highly skilled officer to carry out these duties

These are many rules and regulations on a site which is adapted to suit the client and which must be strictly adhered to.

The security officers are well versed in access control, management of domestics / gardeners and the control of contractors and sub-contractors on site. Training is an ongoing requirement of the complex/estate and the rules and regulations of that specific entity.

All movements are recorded by officers in the Occurrence Books and Pocket Books so that the Area Supervisor can access the situation on any site at any given time.

Onsite inspections are carried out on an adhoc basis - no security officer will know when his superior is going to be calling on him.

All officers sign a Confidentiality agreement and a Code of Conduct document in order to protect our clients, their belongings and interests.


-Body guarding / undercover guarding 

-VIP protection services

-Special events guarding and crowd control


-On / Off site CCTV monitoring

-On / Off site armed response

-Control room facility

-Alarm response and monitoring


-On / Off site armed response 

-Access control systems

-Alarm system and installations 

- Electric fence > maintenance / installations

-Intercoms and gate motors 

- CCTV and alarms systems


-Tag systems

- Biometric readers - finger print systems

- Access control keypads (Various)

- Entrance systems (Door entry Systems and Counters)


- Video and audio door phones

- BPT intercoms

- TPT Intercoms (Resident opens with cell)

- Mircom systems

- Mk2 systems

- G2 systems

- B1000 systems


- In-line earth loops

- Fencing poles (wall top) (freestanding) CCTV CAMERAS

- All cameras (dummy and color)

- Infra- Red cameras

- Illuminators

- Full range of surveillance systems


The technical team is a dedicated team, completely familiar with all aspects of installations, programming and with extensive product knowledge on all system.


-On site and off site training for security officers

-Training in all aspects of the security industry


Monitoring areas 24/7, watched by Controllers all the time or on the client’s request 

- Acting as a determent for any would be criminals

- Identification of any perpetrators or persons attempting to gain illegal access

- Reduction in insurance premiums - the more security - lower premiums and assurance of being paid out by your insurance company

- Reduction in staff downtime and wasting of time

- Peace of mind - assurance  that your premises and belongings are being watched 24/7

- Quicker response time by armed response services to any strange activities

- Protection of life - your family and belongings are the most important things in life

- Hidden cameras will produce a staff complement who are quickly brought to book for criminal/ dishonest actions

- Ensuring perpetrator is taken to law, the cameras provides exact time, date and the exact actions are recorded


Do not open your door to any person.

Stand away from your security gate if you have to talk to strangers at the door. - well back and talk to them.

- Advise your domestic/gardeners - they are not permitted to open for anyone. Above procedure to be followed.

- Should it be necessary for any sub-contractor/workmen to come to your residence, please notify security timeously so they are aware and can escort the service provider if necessary.

- Under no circumstances should your domestic/gardener advise of your whereabouts and comings and goings.

- Ensure you have a "peep eye" in your door. You could go the extra mile and get CCTV linked to a computer.

- Should you be alone and a stranger approaches your door - it is wise to make as though there are other people in the house with you - call out to the fictitious person. If the person is up to no good - he will run away.

- Make sure all windows, doors/sliding doors are secured before leaving your premises or retiring at night - this does include your bathroom/toilet windows.

- Do not leave personal belongings on any tables, shelves close to any windows or doors. If necessary take them upstairs to your bedroom (if upstairs applies to your residence)

- Be aware of all movements around you - especially when coming out of your home/garage. The latest - they will “tailgate” you at entrance to your property and then attack you. BE AWARE

- Question any unknown persons walking around or report this urgently to your security provider or if you are at a complex - immediately advise the security personnel at the guardhouse.

- Keep your security provider’s contact numbers close at hand.

- re you afraid to enter your home late at night - do you live alone and fear going into your home? - Request that your security provider assist with an escort service.


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